Editing your portal - how to make changes

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Editing Access Per Portal

On all portalsedit product listings and add/remove users

On non-credit card portals only - view and approve or reject all orders currently pending approval (if your portal has order approval enabled).

On credit card portals only - view any existing discount codes and gift cards and create new ones.



The Listings page is where you can view all of the products that are listed on your portal.

On the Edit Listing page, you have the ability to change a number of details. 


On the Users page, you can view all the users authorized to access your portal and whether or not they are also an admin, delete users, and add new users. For more on adding/removing users and assigning permissions, see the Adding/Editing Portal Users article.


If your portal requires order approvals (a setting enabled by your Program Manager), the Approvals page will allow you to view orders that are currently pending approval, and either approve or write comments to reject each order. You can find more information on Approvals here.

Example of an order pending approval: 


On the Discount Codes and Gift Cards pages, you can view the active codes and gift cards for your portal, create new ones, and hide codes/cards that should be discontinued. You can also search for a particular discount code, and view your expired or hidden codes. More info on when to use discount codes vs. gift cards can be found here, and see the "Managing Discount Codes/Gift Cards" article for a how-to guide on adding/removing codes and cards from your portal.


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