How to place orders via Inventory Management

As an Inventory Manager, the quickest way to place an order is by entering the order in “Inventory Management”.  This page will show you in real time the inventory levels you have at our warehouse. 

  1. Log onto mykotis.kotisdesign.com
  2. Select "Program" in the top bar   
  3. Select Inventory Management & place your order!

When you are filling in the shipping information, there are a couple optional fields you can use if needed.  


Add to address book – if it’s an address you plan to ship to more than once, select “Add to Address Book” so you can prefill this address when you place future orders.

Expedite Shipping – in the shipping method drop down, you can select the shipping speed if you need to expedite shipping. Otherwise, we will default to sending via the lowest cost freight option.

Reference a PO # - if you need to connect a purchase order number to a shipment that will show up in reporting, you can fill that in. This will also be noted as a reference field on the shipping label affixed to the box. 

Include return labels – if you would like us to include return labels in your shipment, please check this field. Please note we cannot send return labels on hazmat items

Upload shipping instructions – if you have specific shipping instructions or box markings we need to add, you can upload a file. Most commonly this is used when people are shipping to a convention center for an event and we need to affix specific box labels to your shipment.

This short video walks you through all the steps to place an order

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