Using Need By Date on Your Order

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Some stores may allow customers or employees to enter a Need By Date at checkout, the below are a few details that you should keep in mind while using this field.

Need by date field location

If the need by date option is enabled, you will see the field under the "Other Options" header on the checkout page.


What does need by date mean?

The need by date is the final date that you can receive your items, not the date that you plan to use your items.  For example, if you need the items for an event on Saturday, September 18th, you will enter a need by date of Friday, September 17th, to ensure that the items arrive the day before you need them at the latest.

What happens when I enter a need by date?

Our Kotis Warehouse & Fulfillment Team will automatically expedite the shipment as needed to meet the date entered; as expedited shipping can cost significantly more than standard shipping, it is important to only use the need by date field when items must arrive by a firm date - for example, for use at an event or ahead of a client meeting.  For orders without an expedited shipping method selected and/or a need by date entered, our team typically ships within 1 - 2 business days, provided all items are in stock, and delivery typically follows within 3 - 5 business days.

What can prevent an order from arriving by need by date?

While our team will do everything possible to ensure delivery as quickly as possible, there are unfortunately a few circumstances that may prevent us from meeting your need-by date, including but not limited to:

  • Carrier disruptions or delays, such as a delivery truck breaking down or inclement weather making delivery unsafe.  Many service guarantees have been suspended as a result of the ongoing pandemic as well.
  •  Backordered items on the order; we ship all items together at one time so orders with out-of-stock items will be held until all items are in stock.
  • Hazmat items on the order; hazmat items must have special paperwork, handling, and packaging (as well as an additional carrier fee of $75+) if shipped via expedited methods - these restrictions and requirements may delay how quickly an order can ship.
  • Orders placed late in the day or after hours likely will not ship until the next business day, so next day delivery is likely not possible.  Orders must be placed no later than 1pm local time (MST for Ogden, Utah and EST for Fairfield, OH) if they are to ship same day; our warehouses close for the day at 5pm local time and are typically not open on holidays or weekends.

What can I do to help Ensure delivery on/before the need by date?

  • Place your order as early as possible, the sooner the order is in the faster we can get it shipped for you!

* This includes not only placing the order at the earliest possible date, but also as early in the day as possible.  Orders must be placed no later than 1pm local time (MST/MDT for Ogden and EST/EDT for Fairfield) if they are to ship same day; our warehouses close for the day at 5pm local time and are not open on holidays and weekends.

  • After your order is placed, notify our customer service team at customerservice@kotisdesign.com and include your order number, need by date, and any other pertinent information; we can coordinate with the warehouse to help ensure your order ships on time.
  • Make sure your order does not include backordered or hazmat items, these will both be clearly marked on the website and order confirmation pages.
  • Make sure your need by date is at least 1 business day (Monday - Friday) before you need to use your items; we, unfortunately, are unable to offer weekend or same-day delivery.  For example, if you need to use your items for an event on Saturday or a meeting on Monday, you should put in a need by date of the preceding Friday to ensure delivery ahead of time.

What if a shipment can't arrive early/has to arrive on an exact date?

Please place your order and notify customerservice@kotisdesign.com as quickly as possible with your order number and delivery details so we can update the order to include these details.

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