Custom Inventory Management Text Field

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We've recently added a feature to the "Inventory Management" page (where program admins can view their inventory and place orders) which will allow you to customize the field that is currently labeled with "PO#". This should be useful in cases where you would like to collect a different data point other than a PO number from your internal orders, and view it in a report. This feature essentially brings the "custom field" that can be enabled on a portal to Inventory Management.




When to use it

Examples of a few use cases might include:

  • An office location - e.g. you would like to keep track of how many orders the Seattle team is placing vs. how many the San Francisco team is placing
  • An employee ID# - e.g. you'd like to be able to review all the orders placed by a specific person
  • A budget allocation code - e.g. you'd like a way to distinguish how many orders were placed for (or by) a certain project or program

How it works

  • Contact your Program Manager (PM) or Customer Service with what you would like the field to be labeled with, and they can update the label.
  • When a program admin is placing an order via Inventory Management, the text they enter in this field will be associated with their order.
  • The text inputted in this field will appear in the "Additional Data" column on both the "Sales" report and the "Shipments" report.
  • The custom label will appear in the "Additional Data Label" column on both of the above reports as well, so it is clear what the inputted text is referring to.
  • This field will be visible to everyone who uses the inventory management page, on every order placed - it cannot be changed on a per-order basis.
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