Using MyKotis

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Your MyKotis page is the hub of all activity.

You'll use this page to access all of the work you do with Kotis, using the upper navigation bar to do the following. 


Check current jobs placed in process – this page is a summary of all your orders in progress. If the text is orange and underlined, we’re waiting on action from you. Click into an order to make artwork changes, ask for a price quote or submit the order once you are ready for production.  


See past jobs and set up reorders – this page shows all past orders breaking it down by when you placed the order, when it shipped and the total billing amount. If you would like to place a reorder, you’ll click into the order and select “Place a Reorder” in the upper right hand corner.  This short video walks you through how to place a reorder


View showcases to see price quotes– this page shows all the showcases we’ve sent. Through each showcase, you have the ability to provide feedback on what products you do/don’t like, you can start a project by selecting the “Start a Project” button when you hover over a product and you can archive showcases you no longer want to show up in your list. This short video walks you through how to start a project through a showcase.  


Pay invoices that are due – by selecting PAYMENTS, you can pay for an invoice with a credit card.


Pull program reports – just about any report you would like to run, you’ll have the ability to do so in our full suite of reporting. This guide will show you how to access reporting by going to your Customer Area and selecting “Standard Reports”. 

Place inventory orders – as an inventory manager, the quickest way to place an order is by going to your Customer Management Area and selecting “Inventory Management”. From here you can ship inventory directly to whatever address you enter and select the shipping speed if you need us to expedite. 

View and Edit portals - All portals within your program will be listed within your dashboard.  You can click "view portal" for end user experience or branded banners and imagery.  By clicking "edit portal" you can update listings, descriptions, and portal users in real time.  View additional resources on editing your portal.

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