Understanding your Program Settings page

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 Program Admin Owners have the ability to access the Program Settings page.

Program Admins

The Program Admins area allows you to:

  • Add a new Program Admin 
  • Remove an existing Program Admin
  • Change a Program Admin's account type
  • Edit which access groups your Program Admin Managers can see

Read more about Program Admin features here: Program Admin Account Types & Item Access Groups

Shipment BCC Emails

Email addresses listed here will be blind copied on all order shipment notifications sent to purchasers. Add or remove emails and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Inventory Checkin Emails

Email addresses listed here will get an email anytime inventory is checked in, with details about the items - SKU, quantity, etc. Add or remove emails and click "Save" at the bottom of the page.

Inventory Management Options - Allow handwritten notes

This setting enables you to add a handwritten note to an order placed via the Inventory Management page. Handwritten notes incur an extra charge, and require you to order custom stationary separately - read more about handwritten notes here. This setting does not impact whether handwritten notes are allowed on any of your portals, this only applies to orders placed on Inventory Management.

This setting can only be edited by your Kotis team, please reach out to them if you would like to enable it.

Note:  For custom note cards, Kotis requires 5X7, non-gloss finish in white.  

Inventory Management Options - Shipping Dropdown

This setting allows you to choose which shipping carriers are displayed as options when placing an order on the Inventory Management page.

For example - if you have only "UPS" selected, you will only see UPS and economy shipping options.

This setting does not impact the shipping options on your portals, it controls the shipping carriers on your Inventory Management page only.

Let your Kotis team know if this setting should be changed and they can make updates for you.

Third Party Carrier Info

If we have any on file, this section will display your UPS or FedEx shipping account info. Contact your Kotis team to add or remove shipping accounts displayed here, or to update existing account info.

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