How a Redemption Portal Works

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Redemption pages are a simple, customizable ordering store that allow your customers or employees to view and select an item with a unique access code. Redemption portals are perfect for giveaways, employee gifts and customer appreciation. You or your Program Manager may distribute a unique code with the portal link to each recipient. 

How it works

  1. Make merch: Work with your Account Manager on what item(s) you want to offer.
  2. Customize your portal: How do you want your storefront customized?  Is there a specific URL you would like to use?
    • We can upload a logo or graphic in the header, change colors for the text & buttons, and change the font.  More info on portal customization here.
  3. Redemption codes:
    • Codes issued by you:  If you have an event or would like to issue codes for recognition purposes you are welcome to issue codes as needed.
      • Kotis will generate a requested number of codes via excel
      • You will email/provide the link and code as needed to employees or clients.
      • Note:  Kotis will not have an account of who is given specific codes and will only be able to provide an overall list of codes that have been used or not.
    • Codes issued by Kotis:  Kotis has the ability to create a branded email with approved text, the portal link, and a one-time-use code all in one location.
    • We can also track who uses their codes and send reminders to those who have not.
      • Send us the emails and names of those receiving a code via excel or CSV. 
      •  You have the ability to customize the redemption email:
        • Subject line
        • Add a banner or logo
        • Text of the email body formatting: size, color, links, bold, italic, & underline.

  4.  Pick & Choose: Recipients will enter their code and choose their item (and size if         needed!), enter their shipping address, and submit .

   5. Ship: Recipients will receive an order confirmation email and another email with                tracking when their order ships.  All shipping charges are billed to the client.

End user will enter their code:

Codes will allow one item to be selected

Recipient will enter their shipping address & submit

Best use cases:

  • Employee or client holiday gifts 
  • Customer Appreciation 
  • Giveaways - see how our client Digital Ocean does it here 
  • Customer loyalty 
  • Virtual event gifts 
  • New hire kits 
  • Candidate recruiting 
  • Employee recognition 
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