How a Redemption Portal Works

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Redemption pages are a simple, customizable ordering store that allow your customers or employees to view and select an item with a unique access code. Redemption portals are perfect for giveaways, employee gifts and customer appreciation. You or your Program Manager may distribute a unique code with the portal link to each recipient. 

How it works

  1. Make merch: Work with your Account Manager on what item(s) you want to offer.
  2. Customize your portal: How do you want your storefront customized?  Is there a specific URL you would like to use?
    • We can upload a logo or graphic in the header, change colors for the text & buttons, and change the font.  More info on portal customization here.
    • Redemption portals default to allow one item to be redeemed per code.
      • Your program manager may update the order quantity to reflect a specified number of items the end user is able to select. 
  3. Redemption codes:
    • Codes issued by you:  If you have an event or would like to issue codes for recognition purposes you are welcome to issue codes as needed.
      • To generate your own codes, follow the steps below:
        • From your dashboard: Click on "Edit Portal" for the redemption portal.
        • From the portal options drop-down menu, click on "Codes" 

        • In the "Generic-use Codes" section, enter the # of codes needed for your event. 

        • The codes will appear at the bottom of the page.  
        • Download the codes via CSV to insert into mail merges or distribute as needed
          • When a code has been crossed-out, it has been redeemed as is no longer active.
      • You may email/provide the link and code as needed to employees or clients.
      • Note:  Kotis will not have an account of who is given specific codes and will only be able to provide an overall list of codes that have been used or not.
    • Codes issued by Kotis:  Kotis has the ability to create a branded email with approved text, the portal link, and a one-time-use code all in one location.
    • We can also track who uses their codes and send reminders to those who have not.
      • Send us the emails and names of those receiving a code via excel or CSV. 
      •  You have the ability to customize the redemption email:
        • Subject line
        • Add a banner or logo
        • Text of the email body formatting: size, color, links, bold, italic, & underline.
  4. Pick & Choose: Recipients will enter their code and choose their item (and size if needed!), enter their shipping address, and submit . 
  5. Ship: Recipients will receive an order confirmation email and another email with tracking when their order ships.  All shipping charges are billed to the client.

End user will enter their code

Codes will allow an item(s) to be selected  

Recipient will enter their shipping address & submit

Best Use Cases

  • Employee or client holiday gifts 
  • Customer Appreciation 
  • Giveaways - see how our client Digital Ocean does it here 
  • Customer loyalty 
  • Virtual event gifts 
  • New hire kits 
  • Candidate recruiting 
  • Employee recognition 
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