Cancel or Change the Address on an Order + Order FAQ

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Can I remove an item from my order? 

If you haven’t received a shipping confirmation email with a tracking number, please fill out the Adjust Order form as soon as possible. A customer service representative will reach out to you when your request is completed. 

Can I change or update the shipping address?

Yes, if the order has not yet been fulfilled by our warehouse team, program admins have access to Change the Address.

  1. Log into your MyKotis account and click "Programs"
  2. From the Customer Area, click "Order Search" 

  3. Enter the order number 

  4. The current address will be redacted.  Click the link below the address: "Change Address" 

  5. Enter the corrected information into the open address boxes.
  6. Click "confirm and submit"

Your new address will be saved. 


How can I cancel my order?

Go to the bottom of the order confirmation email and click on "View order status and track shipments here." Then, choose "Request Cancellation" on the Order Detail page. If the cancellation is successful, your order will be marked as Cancelled. 

Please note the order cannot be canceled if the order has begun to be processed or shipped.

My order has already shipped. What should I do? 

Once your order has been delivered, you will have to return the item(s) you do not want, filling out a companion Returns form. For more information on our return process, please read the Returns FAQ.

Unfortunately, we cannot add more items to an order that has already been submitted. You will need to cancel/refund your order, as described above, and begin a new order. Fill out the Adjust Order form as soon as possible if you do not have a "Request Cancellation" option on your Order Detail page. Hopefully, a customer service representative can catch the order before it ships, saving you extra shipping costs.  

Please note that we operate between 8:30am-5pm PST, Monday through Friday. If you email Customer Service outside of operating hours or on a holiday, your request will not be processed until the next workday.  

How do I switch an item? 

Items can only be switched if they are the same value. If the prices of the items are different, we will need to cancel your order and start again. Please fill out the Adjust Order form. A customer service representative will follow up to assist you.  

Can I update my delivery address, phone number, email address, and/or the size of my item? 

Yes! If your item hasn't shipped yet, you can update your delivery address, phone number, and email address via the Order Detail page.

To change the email address that is listed on an order (as long as the order has not shipped), find the "Change Email Address" link on the Order Details Page

For everything else, fill out the Update Order Information form as soon as possible and a customer service representative will attempt to update your order before it ships. Please note that once an item has been shipped, this information cannot be updated.  

Need more help?

Reach out to our Customer Service team for further assistance. We're happy to help!


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