Program Admin Account Types & Item Access Groups

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This feature has two related parts:

  1. Account types - Allows you to grant different levels of access to different admins on your program
  2. Access groups - Allows you to internally segment your inventory by restricting certain program admins from viewing and ordering certain items via the Inventory Management page

What does each account type have access to?


Owners can access all of the available features on programs:

  • Reports
  • Order Search
  • All items on Inventory Management
  • Incoming Inventory
  • Portal Settings
  • View portals


Managers have an intermediate level of access, and this account type utilizes the access groups feature (described below). Managers can view:

  • Reports
  • Order Search
  • Some/all items on Inventory Management, depending on whether their account is restricted from viewing certain access groups of items
  • Incoming Inventory
  • View portals


This account type has the most restricted level of access:

  • Reports
  • Order Search
  • View portals

How do I assign an account type to my program admins?

On the Program Settings page, find the user's email in the "Program Admin" list and select one of the three options from the "Account Type" dropdown. Make sure you click the save button at the bottom of the page for your changes to take effect.

How do access groups work?

Access groups allow you to hide certain items in your inventory from certain program admins given an account type of "Manager", effectively segmenting your internal ordering. Assign your items to different access groups, then choose which access groups your Managers should be able to view and order from via the Inventory Management page.

For example: if your inventory contains items that should be earmarked specifically for Marketing or HR, respectively, we can create an access group for each of those departments, and assign each item to the appropriate group. Then, when your program admins who are in the Marketing department are viewing the Inventory Management page, they will only be able to see the items earmarked for Marketing - they will not be able to see or order the items that are assigned to HR (and vice versa, HR will not be able to view/order the items in the Marketing access group).

Things to note:

  • Each item can only be in one access group
  • Any items that do not have an access group assigned will be visible to all Owner and Manager program admins
  • Managers can be assigned to as many or as few access groups as you choose
  • This feature is for internal ordering only via the Inventory Management page - access groups do not affect or apply to ordering via any of your portals

How do I set up access groups for my program?

  1. Decide how many access groups you need, what each should be titled, and which of your SKUs should be assigned to each group - then send this information to your Kotis team and they will get your SKUs sorted into access groups.
  2. Under the "Program Admins" table on the Program Settings page, click the blue "Edit Manager access group permissions". It will take you to the Manager Access Group Permissions page.
  3. On this page, you'll see a table with a column that lists each of your Program Admin Managers, along with columns for each of your access groups (set up in Step 1 above). Here, you can check & un-check which SKU access groups each Manager can see on the Inventory Management page. 

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