Why you might need to add pad pieces to your order

  • 1 yr ago

While we pride ourselves on the highest quality standards, it’s important to understand the production process will yield the occasional misprint. From designing to selecting the right materials and machines to printing, there are numerous variables that can impact the final product.

Factors such selecting the right ink type on different fabrics, equipment malfunctions, ink or thread calibration issues, misalignments, or human error., all of these are unavoidable at scale. Despite the best efforts of skilled professionals, these factors can lead to imprints and errors.

Industry Standard - 2% Misprint Ratio 

The misprint ratio refers to the percentage of defective products that are produced during the manufacturing process. The misprint ratio of 2% is considered the industry standard, meaning for every 100 pieces produced, two of them may have minor defects or issues that do not meet the expected standards of quality. Should we ever experience a misprint, we will deduct this quantity from your final invoice.

Pad Pieces

Our skilled professionals take every precaution to ensure your products are created with the utmost care and attention to detail.  Please expect about 2% of your order to have some quality issue that we don’t deem as up to standard.

If you must have the exact quantity upon delivery and there’s no room for a small spoilage amount, we recommend adding 2% in overages to pad for the potential of misprints. By doing so, you can help ensure that you have enough high-quality products to meet your needs, without having to worry about delays or setbacks due to misprints.

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