Program Portal Backorder FAQ

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What is a Backorder?

A backorder is an order for a product that cannot be filled at the current time due to a lack of available inventory. The item may still be available to purchase but will not ship until they become available in the inventory.

Can a portal be set up to accept backorders?

We do not recommend enabling backorders.  Although there may be reasons to discuss this option with the program management team. For example, if you have a launch date for an event or special occasion and want to keep the hype around the product by collecting orders, even though the item is still in production.

In general, we suggest having inventory ordered and available for your employees and clients to order.

What are the disadvantages of a backorder?

 In today's world of Amazon shipping standards ("order today, get your order tomorrow"), expectations are high.

  • Your customers may not be prepared to wait 2-3+ weeks to receive their items. 
  • Delays may cause confusion or frustration
  • Overall, may not be a positive experience for the purchaser.
  • Overselling inventory and not being able to fulfill all orders.

Suggestions to minimize backorder issues

It is important to have a good plan of action before launching a back-ordered item(s):

  1. Only request backorders once jobs are in production.  This creates a timeline for the product's arrival into inventory.
  2. Provide clear expectations to the end users. 
  3.  Order extra inventory to give allowance for misprinted items, items being oversold, and customer returns or exchanges.
  4. For pre-orders, work closely with your Kotis Team
    • Have a firm timeline for size or order collection
    • Understand product minimum order quantities
    • Have a realistic timeline to collect orders, receive products, and ship items to provide information to your customers
    • Communicate any prolonged delays to the recipcients
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