Stripe Connect

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General Information & Benefits

Kotis has partnered with the payment platform Stripe, using their Connect system as a fast and convenient way for our clients utilizing our credit card portals to receive their sale proceeds.

Benefits of Stripe Connect include:

  • Faster Payouts - instead of waiting for a once-per-quarter disbursement, receive funds into your Stripe account weekly.
  • Separate Proceeds from Fees - credit card sales are entirely separate from any quarterly platform fees due to Kotis.
  • Direct Deposit - since your Stripe account is linked to your bank account, transfer your payouts directly into your account as often as you like.


Setting up Stripe Connect for your Kotis program requires your organization to establish an account with Stripe. There are no fees associated with setting up an account and linking it with Kotis that will be assessed to your organization. If you already have a relationship with Stripe, you can log in to your existing account during setup. If not, the onboarding steps will prompt you for the necessary information to create a Stripe account:

1. On your Program Settings page, click the "Manage Stripe Connect" link on the right.

2. On the next page, click the orange "Connect to Stripe" button.

3. You'll be taken to Stripe's site to begin setup. Enter your email and click "Continue."

4. Enter your mobile number and continue. A verification code will be sent to the number you enter.


5. On the next screen, select the country where your business legally operates, your type of business, and your business structure. Hovering over or clicking on each dropdown displays additional guidance and links to support articles, should you need them.

6. Enter your legal business name, operating business name (if different), and website URL.

7. Select the bank account you'd like to receive your earnings in. Select your institution and connect your account, or manually enter your account and routing number.

8. Once your bank account is linked, carefully review all information to ensure it is correct before clicking "Agree and submit."

9. Setup is complete. Your Stripe account is created and linked to Kotis.

Help & FAQ

Is there any cost to our organization?

No. There are no additional fees for establishing a Stripe account or receiving your payouts via Stripe.

Can I set up Stripe Connect only for specific portals?

No. Stripe Connect is a blanket payout system for your entire organization. If you have multiple credit card portals, proceeds from all portals will be deposited into your Stripe account.

Can I get my payouts on a different cadence other than weekly?

Not at this time.

I encountered an error or otherwise need help setting up my Stripe account.

Since your account is managed entirely within Stripe, you'll want to contact Stripe Support for all questions and inquiries. Visit support.stripe.com to view a library of help articles, or click the "Contact support" link on the right-hand side of the page if you need additional assistance.

I have questions about how my payouts will work.

Please contact your Kotis team for any further information you require regarding payouts.

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