What are your minimums for printing?

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Each item we sell will have an order minimum quantity required to produce a full order. While it varies on an individual product basis, here is a general estimate on order minimum quantities as well as timelines. We recommend for any product questions to work directly with your Account Manager, they are the expert in all things products, logistics and timeline, working to find you the best swag in the right timeline. 

  • PROMOTIONAL ITEMS: Water bottles, pens, journals, etc.
    Minimum Quantity (Qty): Typically 50-100 units
    Timing: Typically 7 - 10 business days + shipping


    Minimum Qty: Typically 25 units
    Timing: Typically 7 - 10 business days + shipping


    Minimum Qty: Typically 50 units
    Timing: Typically 10 - 15 business days + shipping


    Minimum Qty + Timing: Varies by product, please contact your AM

Please note that the timing and minimums may fluctuate depending on the time of year, items being ordered, and production schedules.  If you need a rush job or have any other questions about specific projects, please contact your account manager (AM) as they will have the most up-to-date information and will work with you to do the quickest timeline available!

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