Admin email alerts & email customization

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We can designate certain emails are sent to contacts in your organization who want more visibility on varying aspects of ordering. We also have the ability to add a custom thank you message on your confirmation emails as shown with the first example.

Thank You Emails

Once an order is placed, the end user receives an email confirmation including an order summary, shipping address and a link to track the status and shipment. We can add a customized note to the bottom of the confirmation emails.

An example of how this could be used is if a portion of the store proceeds go to a non-profit, a custom message can be added thanking shoppers for their support.   Otherwise a generic message will be shown that says “Thank you for order from the (insert store name)!”

Confirmation BCC Emails

If you want visibility on every order placed, contact(s) can be BCC’ed on every confirmation email. While we generally recommend using reporting to have visibility into order activity, this is another avenue for ordering visibility where you can get copied on every order confirmation. We default to not including you on these emails to spare your inbox. However, alert your Account Manager if you would like to be added.

Inventory Check In Emails

Once our warehouse team checks product into your inventory set, we can set up alerts We default to not including you on these emails to spare your inbox. Alert your Program Manager if you would like to be added. 

Order Approval Emails

For a portal requiring order approvals, the designated approver will receive an email like the following which instructs them to approve the order. If the budget feature is enabled, it will show the budget amount after all pending orders.


For more information about how the approval process works, please check under My Online Programs > User, Locations & budgeting

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