Tradeshow Guidelines

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We are pleased to offer our services to simplify the process of trade show distribution and returns for your events. Please take a moment to review our process and follow the outlined guidelines.

  • Tradeshow items should be consolidated per event into one pallet per SKU.  Please note: Kotis will check in and ship any pallets "as is".  We do not unwrap and check each box.
  • Banners and displays should be packaged in a hard shipping case
  • You can select the "Include Return Labels" checkbox if ordering from inventory management or we can enable it on the tradeshow portal for you
    • Note:  Due to the required paperwork, international orders will need to be returned by the onsite team.  Kotis will not provide standard return labels to international locations.
  • After your event, please follow the return label instructions

1.      On your packing slip (or a piece of paper if packing slip was misplaced), clearly indicate the items being returned. Provide details including SKU number, product name, and exact quantity for each item being returned.

2.      Package the items in their original condition, including packaging and tags where applicable. Please do not include any additional items and ensure your return is free of trash. If any items are damaged or defective, please let us know.

3.      Take a photo of your return product box along with the accompanying packing slip and send to programs@kotisdesign.com for processing.


Approved Tradeshow Items

  • Items consolidated into a per-event pallet 
  • Tablecloths
  • Banners 

Unapproved Tradeshow Items

  • Tech equipment, computers, TVs, etc. 
  • Anything exceeding any of the following:
    • Over 100 pounds.
    • Over 165 inches in length and girth combined
    • Over 108 inches in length
  • Product over $250+ must be approved
  • Non Kotis Made Items 

Helpful Notes:

  • Return labels will not be included if your order contains a hazardous item or is shipping internationally
  • For smaller, giveaway tradeshow items you plan on ordering a high quantity of, we highly recommend bundling into packs.
    • For example, instead of having 1 sticker each, we can bundle them in 25's. This will reduce picking errors and time. More about bundling here
  • We are happy to coordinate drycleaning for your tablecloths when needed 
  • Any non-Kotis-made items or miscellaneous items (ex water bottles) shipped back to us will be disposed of 
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