Customizing Your Portal

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This article will walk you through the options you have to customize the layout and design of your portals, from our standard offerings to more premium services. We do all the heavy lifting, making it easy to build a unique and compelling site that matches your brand identity.

Below the description of each option, you'll find screenshots of example portals for the fictional company "Snapsync" to help you visualize how our design customizations can be utilized.

Getting Started

The elements in this section are a great starting point for customizing the look and feel of your portal.

Brand Fonts & Colors

Using your brand guidelines, we can incorporate your company's colors and font throughout the portal. We can easily update to any font in Google Fonts. Other fonts may be able to be updated on a case-by-case basis.


The header you choose appears at the top of every page on your portal. We have three options:

1. Your company's logo set against a simple white background.

2. Your logo plus a background color to match your brand, extending edge to edge (full-width) on the page.

 3. A customized full-width banner. This option requires concepting with our in-house design team to come up with your design & layout.

Landing Page

An optional landing page is the first page users will see and displays a linked image for each item category.

 Without a landing page, the first page users will be directed to is an "All Products" page.

Landing page customizations include:

Category Display

Choose whether your landing page should display your categories in rows of three or four.

Rows of three categories:

Rows of four categories:



We can add a custom banner that will display only on the landing page - this is usually used to advertise specials, sales, or specific products. See the "Landing Page Banner Customization" section under Additional Options below for further banner features you can take advantage of.


Additional Options

These elements can be layered onto your store for even further design customization.

Logo Alignment

If your portal uses a logo header, it defaults to a left alignment (as shown in the above screenshots). We can change this to a center or right-side alignment instead if you'd like.

Larger Text & Images

We can change the display to show all elements on your portal at a larger size than our standard display size.

Larger text & images on the landing page:

Standard size text & images on the landing page:

Landing Page Banner Customization

We offer some further customization options for banners displayed on your landing page.


We can upload any number of different banners, and the landing page banner will rotate through the options.


Hyperlink your landing page banner to another URL – for example, to your company's website or a particular item or category on your portal.


Position your landing page banner below your item categories.


Hero banners are oversized banners that stretch edge-to-edge in the browser window instead of matching the width of the main content.

Category Customization

Utilize our category tools to organize your items for an easy shopping and ordering experience.


Add items to subcategories to segment your product offerings.

Custom Category Images

On your landing page, the default image for each category is the first photo of the first item in the category. If you'd like to change this, we can upload a custom image for any of your item categories. If your portal does not have a landing page, category images are not used.

Category Positions

Choose the display order of your categories, from first to last. Note that this order will apply to both the category display on the landing page, if you have one, and to the order in which the categories are shown when viewing products.

Categories in the Header

Portal categories can be displayed across the top of the page in the header instead of the default listed vertically on the left side of the page. 


Website Duplication

When necessary, we can duplicate your company website's header or footer to create a fluid experience for users navigating between your merchandise portal and your website. However, we recommend against this in most cases for these reasons:

  1. We cannot always match your portal to the exact formatting of your website.
  2. As your website changes and receives updates, your merchandise portal will not be automatically updated to match.
  3. We cannot add or change banners for events, sales, or new launches without fully removing the customization.
  4. This is especially a problem with footers, which we strongly recommend against trying to duplicate. 

Instead, we recommend that most portals reflect your brand without attempting to duplicate your website. The items in this guide will let you customize your portal to provide a great user navigation experience, and we are happy to consult with you on how to achieve that.

If a website duplication is still needed, the pricing structure is as follows:

  • $1000 per header OR footer duplication. Includes up to 2 minor updates per year to match the content edited on the customer site.
  • We will consult with you before doing the website duplication to ensure it meets your expectations and discuss what we can achieve.
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