Inventory Adjustments Report & Cycle Counts

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We believe in providing complete transparency in giving you access to all activity within your inventory program in real time. Because of this, you can run inventory adjustment reports should you want to see when our warehouse team adjusts the counts on specific SKUs.



This report will show you a breakdown of all SKUs we have made inventory adjustments on. It will include the SKU #, name of the product, the qty adjusted +/-, the date this adjustment occurred as well as a reason recorded by our warehouse team.


One of the ways we monitor accuracy in stock levels is to complete cycle counts which will be reflected on this report. While cycle counts are not the only way we catch inventory inaccuracies, it is one of the main ways we do.

A cycle count is an inventory auditing process where we take a small set of inventories on a specific day to count if the inventory level we have recorded is accurate. Throughout the course of the year we run cycle counts to maintain accurate inventory levels, especially for low stock and/or quick moving SKUs.

Kotis warehouse staff will follow these steps to successfully conduct a cycle count session via a mobile device connected to our Warehouse Management System (WMS). 

  • A “cycle count session” should be in increments of 30-60 minutes to ensure a person isn’t getting “counting fatigue”.
  • Once a user has reached that limit, a new user should do the next session if possible or a 15-minute break should occur before the same user starts a new session
  • The WMS is only prompting users to count items that have a reported qty of 0-10 items and that have been ordered in the last 60 days
  • All discrepancies must be double checked at the time of counting by the user and the warehouse manager will follow up on all adjustments over 5+/- items
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