New Client Guide - Kotis Workflow

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Hi there and welcome to Kotis! The following guide outlines the Kotis way - our process behind making amazing swag.

Our Promise

We’re the brand behind your brand – a team of designers, developers, doers and brand evangelists who are obsessed with sending out the best swag ever. We believe in the power of merch to spread the word, to engage, and to bring joy. Swag on.

  • Make your swag life easier: We’re building the world’s best swag management platform so you can manage like a pro and look like a hero.
  • Thrill your people: What if your branded merch elicited a “Hell yeah, that’s awesome!” We’re here to make that happen with swag people actually want.
  • Promote your purpose: Our mission is to amplify yours, to leverage physical product for brand awareness and connection.

Project Details

First, we'd love to learn a few things about your project:

  • Your budget: This helps us source the best product that fits within your budget. If it's easier, provide a range.
  • Timeline: This also helps us source the best products that work within your timeline. Rush project? Not a problem! Have plenty of time? Consider going Fully Custom
  • Quantity
  • End user: Is this for your clients, employees, etc. 
  • Products: Let us know what interests you and/or what you'd like to stay away from.  


Next, we'll curate a showcase. The showcase is how we show you product options and pricing tailored to your project. 

  • Check out a showcase example here 
  • If you're already set on products, we may send a showcase after art is completed

Starting a Job - Art

Once you've finalized your fav products, we'll create a project in our system and our fabulous in-house design team will get to work on a virtual mockup.. 

  • Vector Art: Be sure to send us vector art files to ensure the best possible print.  Art in AI, PDF, SVG, EPS, or DXF format typically contain vectors. 
  • Inspo: Need some inspiration? No problem! Our design team loves getting creative. All designs are included in your price. 
  • Brand Guide: If you have a corporate brand guide, send it over so we can understand the full extend of your brand. 

Submit & Pay

Once art is finalized, you'll approve within myKotis and submit your final quantity and billing info. Your Account Manager will send over an invoice. Once paid or terms are set up, production will begin. 

Standard Timelines

Timelines can vary depending on type & availability of product, decoration method & decoration location, quantities, and of course any current supply chain factors our economy is facing. In order to set your project up for success, we ask that you share project need-by dates upfront so that your Kotis team can help ensure timeline expectations are aligned. Below are standard timelines for common project tasks & common products/decoration methods.

  • Product Showcase: 1-5 business days, depending on complexity and focus of the showcase we request this time to put together a showcase to show you examples of items that can help you put together a fantastic SWAG project.
  • Starting a Job: 1-2 business days, once items from your showcase are selected, we can create the job and begin that process. This requires vector file artwork and decoration details so that we can start this process with all necessary information to move to the next step.
  • Art Proofs: 3 business days, once the job is started. We include art notes and direction for our Art Team to create proofs for you to review with the items selected and art files provided by you. Please be sure to submit Vector File images to keep this process smooth. Any image files that are not vector can cause delays in creating high quality art proofs.
  • Production of Standard Swag (approximate timelines):
    • Domestic Promotional SWAG: 7-14 business days
    • Screen Printed/Embroidered Apparel: 7-14 business days
    • Fully Custom Import SWAG: 90-120 days


When your order ships, you'll receive an email with tracking info.

Delivery timeline depends on current production dates and product type. Ask your Account Manager for more details.  

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