Submitting Artwork for Screen Printing

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Our Print Minimums

When designing for screen printing we have a general set of minimums to follow which allows us provide the best quality print. Small details are subject to fill in on press when minimums are not met.

Screen Print

1 pt positive space  1.5 pt negative space

Below is an example of how to ensure that your artwork meets our minimum requirements. 

Note: Artwork should be 100% to scale in your file when checking minimums

Artwork Checklist

Once all of these items are checked off, your artwork is ready to send to Kotis. Let's make amazing!

  • Meets minimum requirements
  • Images are embedded, not linked
  • Images are hi-res, 300 dpi minimum
  • Raster files are layered and not flattened
  • Fonts are outlined, or files are packaged
  • Artwork is to scale - 100% for all locations
  • PMS colors are included or provided
  • Trademarked content must be licensed or must have proof of approval for use.


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