Order Approvals

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Requiring order approvals is a great way to monitor merchandise spend and have transparency on what employees are ordering. Order approvals can be set up based on a dollar amount threshold – for instance, all orders over $100 require approval - or for all orders sent through the portal.

Please note: An approver is required for all orders, $0.00 and up if an access list is not utilized.

Designating approvers

A portal-wide approver is required to activate the approval feature.  If a portal has multiple locations set up, we can designate one or more approvers for each location along with the portal-wide approver.  Please let us know who you would like to be the approver(s) and we will set them up in our system.

In addition to the designated approvers, anyone who has admin credentials will also have access to approve orders. However, only the designated approvers will receive email alerts to approve orders that have been placed. 

Order approval process

The flow of an order that requires approval will take the following steps:

  1. Client places an order
  2. Client receives email alerting them their order is pending approval and nothing has shipped yet  

Approver(s) is sent an email with a link to approve the order. It will include who ordered, what was ordered and if the budget feature is enabled, how much is left in the budget. 

  •  The approver has the ability to upgrade or downgrade the shipping speed by selecting the Shipping Method dropdown.
  • Edit the quantity of what was ordered.
  • Adjust the need by date, if needed.

If a portal or location has more than one approver designated, all of the approvers will receive the email described above, and any of them will be able to either approve or reject the order.  Only one approval or rejection is needed to process the order.

  1. Once the approver approves the order, the client will receive a confirmation email letting them know it was approved.
  2. If the approver rejects the order, they will also receive an email with the notes the approver wrote with the reason. 

Once the order ships, the client will receive a confirmation email with tracking.

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