How the the budget feature works

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User Groups can be set up to segment ordering between different teams, departments, geographic locations, managers, etc to track spending. A budget can be set to a specific user group to ensure spending does not exceed allotted amount. Once the budget amount is reached, no further ordering can happen until the budget resets.

When to use it

Our budget feature is frequently used on non-credit card portals, most commonly for the following reasons:

  • Designate budgets by managers – we often find that managers within a division are granted set budget amounts, for instance all Sales Managers have a set budget for client gifts. We can authorize each manager is assigned a unique budget amount for their team spend. 
  • Allow different departments their own budget – for instance marketing has a budget of $5000 while HR has a budget of $10,000. This helps to align the overall financial goals are met for swag spending across the company. 
  • Assign budgets to different office locations – many clients have offices across the country and world with differing budgets for swag spending. This will help ensure each office sticks within their allotted budget. 

How it works

When the purchaser goes to checkout, the remaining budget amount will be shown in red. 

We can also require that each budget group has a designated approver. While this is not required, it is just one additional layer to monitor ordering activity.

Once the budget is depleted, no further ordering can take place until you would like us to reset the budget. 

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