Redemption Portal FAQ

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Here are the most common questions about redemption portal orders. If you still have trouble with your redemption portal order, please contact our customer service team directly at customerservice@kotisdesign.com; please make sure to include the name of the store you're trying to order from, the redemption code you were provided, and problem details.

How do I know if I used my code?

If you successfully placed your order, you should have received a confirmation email with order details within 5 - 10 minutes of finalizing your order; if you don't see an email, you can also test your code by visiting the portal and entering it in the "Enter your code here:" field.  If your code is unused, you'll see a list of items available for ordering; if the code was already used, you'll see this message:

My code says it was used already?

If you just received your code and are unable to use it, please contact the company/individual who sent you the code for a new one. If you're not sure who to contact or there is a chance you may have already used it, please email our customer service team for assistance. 

My code isn't working/I can't finalize my order.

We've found our redemption portals work best on desktop browsers such as Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome, but they may not work appropriately on discontinued browsers such as Internet Explorer and certain mobile browsers.  If you're using a desktop browser and are still having trouble placing your order, make sure there are no spaces before or after the code when entering it into the form and check for potential differences such as a "0" (zero) being entered instead of the letter "O".  If you're still unable to place your order, please contact customerservice@kotisdesign.com.  We are also happy to place the order on your behalf if needed!

How many items can I order?

Each redemption code can be redeemed for a single item or pre-packaged kit only.  We are not able to add additional items to redemption orders and these items are typically not available for credit card purchase.

I don't like the options, what else can I pick?

Unfortunately, we're not able to offer alternate items on redemption portals - but we can absolutely share your feedback with our contacts and see if they plan to include additional items in the near future.

I don't see the "continue" button under the item I want / My preferred size isn't listed?

If the "Continue" button is not visible under an item, or you notice your preferred size is missing from the dropdown menu, this means that the item/size is unfortunately not available at this time, so you will need to select another item or size. Unless you were given a deadline to place your order, you can elect to wait and use your code later, but please note that a timely restock is not guaranteed unless otherwise noted on the portal.

The item I want is on back order, what does that mean?

This means that your order will not ship in our standard 1 - 2 day timeline; the backorder notes will provide you with an estimated date for when you can expect your item to ship.  You will also receive an email with tracking information as soon as your item is shipped.

I missed the ordering deadline and can't place an order, what now?

Unfortunately, we can't guarantee that an extension will be granted for you, but we're happy to try! Email us with your code and the portal you're hoping to order from, and we'll work with our contacts to see if you're eligible for an extension.

I placed my order but I want a different item/size, what should I do?

Email customerservice@kotisdesign.com with your order number and details for the change you'd like to make.  As long as the preferred item/size is in stock and your original order has not shipped we can typically make these updates for you!

I placed my order, how do I get an update?

You can contact customerservice@kotisdesign.com with your order number to receive an update at any time. Please note if your item is on backorder, we typically will not be able to provide additional details until closer to the estimated shipping date.

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