Orders for multiple people at one time

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If you want to place multiple orders for multiple people at one time, you can send a CSV file and we will upload the orders for you. This will be ideal if you have 20+ orders to enter. Make sure that the person submitting the CSV file is a program admin on your account.

Follow this template.

For the CSV upload to work, it must match the template exactly. If any information is off, the orders will not be submitted correctly risking lost shipments.

Here is a breakdown of each field:

  • Unique Key: This column can be left blank, your Program Manager or Client Services team will add this for each upload. 
  • Email: The email listed will receive the tracking email for each order submitted. If your client does not want these emails, keep them blank.
    • International orders require a valid email for the recipient. 
  • Shipping Method: Requested shipping method to ship your orders. The most commonly used is "Economy".
    • Your program manager can help you determine the best option for you.
  • Address fields:
    • Note:  All fields are limited to 30 characters 
    • No special characters.  These will not be read by the system (example: ą \a; ę)
      • Country
      • Name:  Full Name of recipient
      • Attn - If the package needs to be attention to a department or care of someone specific.
      • Street Address 1: Current valid address
      • Street Address 2: Apts, suite #s, or additional information to large for "street address 1".
      • City:  List city name
      • State: Listed as the 2 letter abbreviation for USA and Canada.
        • other countries may leave this blank 
      • Zip: US zip code may be either 5 or 9 characters (excluding the dash) International addresses will list their postal code.  This field cannot be left blank.
  • Phone: Phone #'s may be listed in any format
    • A phone number is required for international shipments
  • SKU: SKU can be found on the inventory management page. (Examples -38978-1-L or for two items separate by a comma; 38978-1-M, 38978-4-OSFA)
  • Quantity: List the quantity if each SKU per order.  If we are sending 1 item, list 1.  For multiple SKUs separate the quantity by a comma; 1,1)
  • Bill to Job: If you would like to reference a job # you can list it here, otherwise leave the field blank..
  • Customer PO: For customer’s reference only when reviewing reports, or leave blank

You will then send this CSV file to the Client and Program services team and we will upload the orders for you. The email address is customerservice@kotisdesign.com

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