International Shipping FAQ

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How long will it take? 

Your package may take 3-8 weeks depending on where it’s shipping to, customs, and any international conflicts. 

Why does it take so long? 

To minimize the number of trips across borders, our shippers usually wait to collect multiple packages going to your country so they may ship in bulk. As a result, the process takes a few weeks to itemize and consolidate enough orders to ship out in one flight. Once the shipment is ready, it will be routed to the closest hub to your location and subsequently shipped to your local post office. 

My order shows as shipped, but tracking indicates it hasn't been picked up.

Kotis marks orders as shipped once your order has been packaged and the shipping label is created. Our shippers will pick up all of our international packages once a week. The package is then organized for consolidated shipping, then scanned into their system. Shippers may not scan your package for 2-3 weeks after arriving in their shipping hub. 

Why does tracking say my order is in Germany? 

European and many Asian countries will have their packages first shipped to DHL’s main shipping hub in Bonn, Germany before directing items to your country’s post office system. 

Tracking shows my package has been delivered, but I have not received my order. What’s happening? 

Once shipped to your country, the shipper usually hands over your package to the local post office for final delivery. The international shipper will mark your order as delivered and provide a local tracking number.

To check the status of your package at this leg, we recommend going to your local post office tracking webpage and use your local tracking number.  

Example country tracking pages:


Tracking Page 















Tracking indicates the order is being shipped back to Germany.

Your package may be returned because the local post office attempted to deliver the package but was unable to locate your address. Unfortunately, we cannot control the package after it has left our facilities. Review the address you provided and contact your local post office for more information.  We also recommend contacting DHL customer services for more details.

If we receive your package as a return to sender, we will try to attempt to send the order to you again with the information provided. 

My package has been picked up by the shipper, but it is taking forever. How much longer will it take? 

Unfortunately, once a package has left our facilities, we cannot control the timeline which it takes for your package to arrive. We recommend contacting the international shipper's customer service and your local post office for more information on the status of your order. 

DHL: https://www.dhl.com/us-en/home/customer-service.html  

FedEx: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/customer-support.html 

UPS: https://www.ups.com/us/en/support/contact-us.page 

Will I have to pay customs tax/duty for my order? 

It depends on the shipper and your country of origin. If you are required to pay anything for your package, you will be contacted once your order has arrived in its country of origin. You are responsible for paying for any customs taxes or duties if you are contacted. 

Where do I find my invoice for customs? 

A commercial invoice for customs purposes will be emailed to you along with your tracking information once your order ships.  If you need to receive another copy for any reason, please contact Customer Service for more information. 

  • KYC is a form mandated by the Indian government to help clear items in customs
    • Every shipment to India must have these forms filled out. It is best to do so before the shipment arrives to customs to avoid delays
    • KYC forms for FedEx can be submitted electronically at https://kyc.fedex.com/
  • PIMS (Paper Import Management System) is required by Indian customs when importing a range of paper products; ex. Notebooks.  It was brought into effect Oct. 2022.

Reach out to our Customer Service team for further assistance. We're happy to help!


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