Having Trouble Finalizing Orders?

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My Address Information Has All Green Checks But I Can't Proceed?

If you see something similar to the screenshot below but don't see the "Submit" button - or you are able to see and click the "Submit" button and nothing happens - this is most likely caused by your browser. Our portals typically work best on desktop browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, but may not work appropriately on discontinued browsers like Internet Explorer or some mobile browsers. If you don't have access to a desktop browser or if you are already using an updated desktop browser you can contact our customer service team at 206-466-1800 or 888-GO-KOTIS (888-465-6847) for assistance over the phone, or email us at customerservice@kotisdesign.com with details about the error you are encountering. 

I'm Unable To Pick A Shipping Method

If you enter your address information and proceed to the next page but see the below instead of a ship method selection, please contact us at customerservice@kotisdesign.com for assistance. This typically means that international shipping is not currently supported on the portal you are checking out from, but we will investigate further from our end and update you as soon as possible.

Need more help?

If you haven't received an exchange/refund 7 business days after your return arriving to our facilities, please reach out to our customer service for more assistance. We're happy to help! 


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