Understanding your Incoming Inventory page

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This article will provide an overview of your "Incoming Inventory" page and how to use it. Program Admin Owners and Managers can both view and create new "incoming inventory" submissions.

Incoming Inventory home page

 On this page, you can view a list of the shipments of items currently in transit to your inventory set, for items that are both made by Kotis and items you're sending to our warehouse.

The table columns provide the following info:

  • Reference is your Kotis order number (if items are Kotis-produced) or your reference number (if you're sending items) for the items/shipment
  • Est. Arrival is the estimated date that the shipment will arrive at our warehouse. If items are Kotis-produced, this is based on the production time + transit time. If you are sending the shipment, it is the date you entered.
  • Vendor will either say "Kotis" if we are producing the items, or will reflect the vendor name you entered if sending items.
  • Delivered indicates that the tracking number entered for the shipment reflects it was delivered to our warehouse on the date shown.
  • Received indicates the date that our warehouse team logged the package as received and started checking the items into inventory.

Creating Incoming Inventory - what does this do?

Creating a new incoming inventory "log" notifies our warehouse team directly that a program has items arriving, and tells them what to do with the package. If you are sending items to your inventory set, use the "Create Incoming Inventory" button and fill out the next steps to notify Kotis of the arriving items. 

Important note: currently, we can only support incoming inventory logs for items that are already a SKU in your inventory set. If you're sending a NEW item, please contact your Kotis reps or our Client & Program Services team  first with the details of what you would like to send and they'll provide you with further instructions.

Steps to create Incoming Inventory

1. Click orange "Create Incoming Inventory" button on the Incoming Inventory home page

2. On the next page, select which SKU(s) you will be sending in your shipment, and click "Next" at the bottom of the page to go to the next page

3. On this page, you'll enter details about what you are sending:

  • Reference #: please enter a number that the warehouse team can use to associate the arriving package with the incoming inventory request - ideally this number should be printed or affixed either somewhere on the package or inside it, like on a packing slip. This can be a shipment ID, PO#, SKU#, etc.
  • Est. Arrival: enter the date you estimate that the package will arrive at our warehouse - major carriers have online transit time calculators that can assist with this.
  • Vendor: if you know who produced or supplied the items, enter that here. This can help us identify the package by looking either the box or the items.
  • Tracking: enter the tracking number(s) for your shipment - if you have it, this is very helpful for us to reference.
  • Notes: space for you to enter anything else we should be aware of regarding this shipment.
  • Size: enter the quantity you are sending of each item/size.

 4. Click "Save" to submit the incoming inventory log.

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