How to do a Mail Merge in Outlook

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Mail merges allow you to send the same message to multiple recipients while still dropping in individual data for a more personalized email. 

General Tips

  • Be sure to send from the email you want responses to come back to 
  • Signatures do not show up on either type of merge, so make sure to either copy over your signature or add the appropriate text ("Sincerely, Company Name") as needed.

From Outlook

  1. Set up your .XLSX file of contact name, email addresses and variable data 
  2. Draft your mail merge in Word, then click "Mailings", "Start Mail Merge", "E-mail Messages".
  3. Click on "Select Recipients", "Use an Existing List..." and select your Excel document.
  4. For each piece of variable data, such as the name or order number, click "Insert Merge Field" and select the appropriate column to reference.  When the field has been set up appropriately, it will show up in "<< >>".
     will turn into 
  5. Once all variable data has been put in, click "Preview Results" and use the arrows to manually review all messages that will be sent.  If you spot anything that needs to be corrected, click "Preview Results" again, then make your edits (otherwise you will be editing only a single document).
  6. Finally, click "Finish & Merge", "Send Email Messages".  Make sure that the To line is set to the column with Email Addresses.  Pick an informative Subject line ("Update on your Kotis Design iBuy order - Response Needed by [Date]") and then click "OK".
  7. You can watch the emails process through the Outbox on Outlook.  When the Outbox is blank/has no number for remaining messages, the full merge has been sent and you can now close Outlook and your Word document.
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