Swag Platform Referral Program

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Have you had a positive experience using Kotis and know a company who would benefit from our Swag Platform? 

Great! We'll give you $2000 CASH or if the new customer is within your company $1000 in FREE SWAG for that introduction if they sign an agreement with Kotis!

  • Simply refer us to someone at a company who could benefit from using Kotis' online stores & warehousing 
  • Our team will present to your contact and other internal stakeholders
  • If the company signs an online services agreement with Kotis, you'll receive $2000 CASH or the $1000 in FREE SWAG!


  • Referral must be submitted via the form on this page.
  • Introduction must be made over email to your Kotis Contact.
  • Reward payment will be made after the Agreement is signed and setup fee is paid by the customer.
  • Reward payment will be sent by ACH and you must provide us with a W9.
  • There is no limit on the number of introductions or rewards, but if you provide more than 25 introductions in a 12 month period we reserve the right to require an independent contractor agreement be signed before any further reward payments will be made.
  • Customer must sign an ongoing Warehousing & Fulfillment Agreement to count towards the reward; individual swag orders without an ongoing Agreement do not count; the Agreement must be signed within 12 months of the referral.
  • You are not an employee of Kotis, and will not receive any benefits other than the referral award mentioned on this page. You will not be asked, expected, or authorized to negotiate any terms of transaction between Kotis and its customers or potential customers.
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