Embroidery - The Basics

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Embroidery is a great option to make a one-of-a-kind product. While we’d like to say anything can be done, there are limits, both in the art you provide, and the products you can select from.


Knowing whether your art can be embroidered takes a little work. Check out the below guidelines to understand what changes you might see us do

Art Minimums

Do you have a designer on-team? Have them check against the set of minimums below. If these are adhered to there’s a good chance we can work with the art as-is

Strokes (Flat) – 1.5pt minimum, ~3pt recommended minimum, 18pt maximum 

Strokes (3D) – 8.5pt minimum, ~22pt maximum 

™ and ® marks – 1pt stroke minimum 

Thin Lines, Small Fonts

Every embroidery is made of individual stitches, and having those translate into visible art takes room. If your art contains very small fonts, or extremely fine lines, we’ll have to enlarge them to look good


Does your art feature a gradient? We may be able to do it, but keep in mind we can only blend colors so well with thread. If at all possible, we highly recommend art with solid colors for the best results

Small Details

Does your art have details that are difficult to see on screen or in print? Those will be impossible to translate into thread on a garment. If we’re provided highly detailed art we’ll do our best to show you what's possible with the note our digitizers might have to change it further for the final product


Looking at the above and noticing something that may stop you from embroidery? Consider a patch instead. We have a variety to choose from, though they come with additional costs and time needed


The next step is seeing the product we’re working on. Whether you’re looking at a shirt or coat, hat or beanie, or a wide variety of other products, we'll let you know what's possible


Art looks great embroidered on a hat, commonly on the front or back of most varieties. Placement on the sides is an option as well. Depending on the type of hat you choose we may limit the size of art to ensure it fits, or add a fill behind it to improve its appearance


Art also look great embroidered on a garment, whether that’s a left chest on a collared shirt, or the sleeve of a jacket as two examples. We have a vast list of locations to choose from, limitations applying with smaller sizes, select fabric types, certain locations on garments, and around features like pockets. 

If something won’t work, we’ll reach out and make recommendations


Art can look sharp embroidered on a bag, commonly front and center on a prominent pocket. Depending on the type of bag selected we might limit the size of art to ensure it fits, or limit where it can be placed for the best result.


A small embroidered logo can be a unique touch on a blanket, commonly snug in a corner. Depending on the type of blanket we might add additional stitching behind the art to ensure the best result.

Other Products

If you have another type of product in mind let us know and we’ll look into what’s possible. We may ask for additional time to receive a product in-house to see just where we can decorate it

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