Understanding Your Quarterly Report/Invoice

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The quarterly report/ invoice provides a snapshot of your program activity and performance, listing any warehouse and shipping charges due. The report is broken down into four main areas:

  • Loyaly Credit
  • Warehouse Fees
  • Specialty Services
  • Shipping Charges

Quarterly reports are distributed to our program clients within 2 weeks, after the close of the quarter.

Loyalty Credit

We incentivize you to spend with Kotis through the Loyalty Credit, earning a 7% credit on your quarterly spend with the goal to reduce or eliminate your warehousing fees. Credits earned during the quarter, and any roll over credits, will be used towards applicable warehouse fees.

Warehouse Fees

The base fees below have the opportunity to be fully covered by the loyalty credit. The goal is for active programs to earn enough in loyalty credits to cover 100% of their warehouse fees. Any fees outside of the credit will be included on your invoice to cover overhead to receive, manage, and ship inventory.  

  • Warehousing (Sku's):  $6/per sku:  Sku numbers are taken directly from your inventory list by counting all current skus. (note: each size is considered a sku)
  • Overstock:  $30/per palette:  Oversized items include large sized items, such as backpacks, banners & displays, or large quantites of inventory that cannot be stored on a standard shelf.  Standard pick location boxes are 16" x 10"x 8" and will hold approx. 15-20 shirts.  Additional quantities will be held in overstock and will refill pick locations as needed
  • Material & Handling: $3/per package:    This covers material, such as boxes & filler, along with the labor to pick and ship your packages.  In the Shipment report, column AX, the sum of total boxes, minus any blanks or replacements, will be shown on your quarterly invoice
  • Credit Card Portal Fee:  10% percent of credit card portal sales (net gift cards, discounts, and refunds)
  • International Shipments: $7/per shipment: Due to the documentation required for international shipments, additional fees are applied.   The shipment report, column M, will list the country.  The sum of international shipments will be shown on your quarterly invoice

Specialty Services

Specialty services are unique personalizations or convenience options added to your program to assist in meeting your needs.  These services are not covered by the loyalty credit.

  • Return Labels: $3 each : Labels are included with your original shipment to easily return trade show or event packages.  Located in column BC, and marked "t" for true, in the shipment report
  • 3rd Party shipping Fee: $2/per shipment:  For those who utilize their own shipping account to ship from their program
  • Shipping Hazaradous Contents: $7/per shipment:  Certified staff are required to properly pack and label Hazmat items, such as hand sanitizers and power banks.  Hazmat shipment will be marked as "t" for true,  in column BB of the shipment report
  • Handwritten Note: $5 each;  Gift note text will be listed in the shipment report, column AN, "Gift Notes Handwritten"
  • Receiving non-Kotis Produced items: $30/hr:  All accepted customer supplied product (CSP) shipments incur additional receiving and handling fees.  The receiving manager provides processing times each quarter.
  • Platform Fee:  A platform fee is accrued on a yearly or quarterly basis, to run your swag store.  The billing cycle is dependent on the signing date of your contract.  The goal of our fee structure is set up so our clients who are buying from Kotis regularly will have little to no fees.  This fee is waived if a minimum Kotis spend was reached within the contract timeframe

Shipping Charges

Kotis receives negotiated rates through our carriers and passes those savings onto you.  Our billed rates are posted in the Shipping Charges report.  We add 10% to the sum of all charges posted for the quarter, for your total invoiced shipping cost.

Credit Card Portal Sales

Portal sales are net of any refunds, gift cards or discounts

  • Sales generated  will first be applied to any shipping fees or fees not covered by the Loyalty credit

For additional reporting questions contact your Kotis support team.

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